Before Dropping Off or Shipping Equipment

Call or email and let us know something about you and your equipment, so that we may better serve you. We want to know about the history of your equipment. We take your equipment seriously. It is not just a unit with a service authorization number to us. We know how you feel about your equipment, because we feel that way about high-end audio too. That is why we ask that you contact us before you drop-off or send your equipment to us so that we may open an Audio Elite service file, personalized specifically to meet the needs of your equipment. We will issue you a Service Authorization Number that will be linked directly to that specific piece of equipment. For further information on Shipping and Drop-offs refer to each specific  page. And be sure to download and fill out the AET Service Form found on those pages as well.

We do not provide free shipping. All shipping charges to and from Audio Elite are the responsibility of the customer.

We charge an upfront, $95 evaluation fee to diagnosis your equipment. Prepayment of this fee is required for all non-warranty equipment that will be shipped or brought to us. Audio Elite can no longer accept equipment from customers who have not prepaid the diagnostic evaluation fee for non-warranty repairs. If you approve the estimated cost and authorize the repair this fee will be applied as a credit towards the final repair charge. But, if for any reason you decline to have your equipment repaired the fee covers our expertise and time in diagnosing your equipment’s problem(s).

You can pay the estimate fee online, using the Pay Now button on our
Payment page or with prior arrangement with a money order, cashier’s or certified check. For equipment that will be brought in for repair no prior arrangement is needed to pay with a check, if you prefer not to pay online.

We find that the only way to determine what and how much will need to be repaired is to open your equipment and evaluate it. It is our policy to do the very best to align and adjust each unit to the specification of the manufacturer. Please be aware that with some very old equipment it may not be possible to align and adjust it to specifications. But, we will make every effort to make each unit sound the very best that it possibly can.

After the diagnostic evaluation is complete every effort will be made to contact you in a timely manner with an estimate on the cost for your repair, either by email or phone.

We will make every effort to contact you and inform you of your options, with regards to your equipment. Any equipment from a customer who doesn’t respond in a timely manner will be assumed to be unclaimed. Audio Elite Technician is not responsible for any equipment left after 30 days.

If you choose not to respond, after 90 days it will be assumed that you intend not to reclaim your equipment and you have relinquished ownership to Audio Elite Technician LLC. After 90 days, all unclaimed equipment will be recycled.

Customer Declines the Repair
If, for any reason, you decline the repair, we will repackage and ship your equipment back to you or schedule a time for you to pick it up. You may pay for the cost of the return shipping either online, or with a certified check, cashier’s check or money order. If you choose online payment we will send you an email invoice for the cost of return shipping and insurance, with a link to pay using PayPal. Payment of all charges is required prior to release of your equipment.
If you decline the repair and do not wish your equipment returned to you, it will be assumed that you have relinquished ownership of your equipment to Audio Elite Technician LLC.

Basic Service
This option is designed to replace only parts that are defective, and to leave all other stock components intact. The basic service is limited to repairing the equipment. Any item undergoing this service will be warranted for a period of 30 days on the work performed. This service includes replacing defective parts, cleaning all switches and controls, adjusting bias, re-soldering printed circuit boards, and a complete function inspection.

Payment is due upon completion of the repair. We bill online using PayPal’s Email Invoicing. PayPal accepts MC/Visa, AMEX, and Discover. Our invoices will indicate the repair performed, parts used, labor charged and the cost for return shipping and insurance. If for some reason you prefer not to pay online, with prior arrangement, you may pay with a check or cash.  Upon receipt of payment for the total cost of the repair, we will carefully repack your equipment and have it shipped back to you. Payment of all charges is required prior to release of equipment.

Audio Elite Technician’s Repair Warranty
We guarantee that the parts installed by Audio Elite Technician will perform in a satisfactory manner under conditions of normal usage for a period of 30 days from the day the unit is shipped for return. We will not guarantee any unit beyond 30 days whether it was used or not. The guarantee applies only to the authorized repair, services performed to repair the "DESCRIPTION OF PROBLEM” on the AET Service Authorization form. Physical damage in return shipping is the responsibility of the carrier. Physical abuse, improper use, power surge/lightning, unauthorized, or improper previous repairs are not covered by the guarantee. The warranty does not apply to replacement parts supplied by the customer, including vacuum tubes, or failures resulting from replacement parts that are not purchased by Audio Elite. Free shipping is not provided under our warranty. All shipping charges to and from Audio Elite are the responsibility of the customer.

Warranty Restrictions
Audio Elite requires the original customer, who authorized the repair, to contact Audio Elite within the 30-day warranty period for a return service authorization. All components must have an Authorized Warranty Service Number before being shipped or dropped-off. The component that the repair was performed on must be shipped, insured for it's full value, to Audio Elite within 3 days after receiving a return authorization for the 30-day warranty repair. Customers who wish to drop-off a component for repair must schedule an appointment for the component to be serviced when contacting Audio Elite about 30-day warranty service. Customers who ignore these restrictions, without prior arrangement from Audio Elite, will find their components will not be covered under the 30-day warranty. After the 30-day warranty period the previously performed repair will be considered out of warranty and no longer be covered under our 30-day warranty guarantee. After 30 days any further service that a customer requests will be considered a new repair that will be handled according to Audio Elite Technician's standard policy. Audio Elite’s 30-day warranty is not transferable.