You guys are exceptionally professional and a real credit to the industry. 
Gary K. Leeds
Leeds Highfidelity, LLC
Sun Valley, Idaho

Please let Randy know the unit sounds wonderful! I am very happy.
Take care,

We received our A30.3 yesterday and it is all hooked up and working very well.

Once again, thanks so much!
Jim Senner

After 30 years of use, my three vintage McIntosh components, tuner, pre-amp, and power amp were putting out such poor sound and it was such an effort to get the switches and controls to even function, that I was searching the internet for qualified and knowledgeable service.

Randy Vikan, Audio Elite Technician, LLC, popped up on the search pages and turned out he was the perfect choice. His years of experience with Mac and the testimonials on his website prompted me to entrust them to him for repair.

Since it was just a few hours drive to his shop, after getting the go ahead a few days in advance to do a drop off, I loaded up the units and met with him.

He looked over the description section for each unit that I had written explaining in laymen's terms what I thought to be the problems each one had. 

Within a couple of days afterwards a detailed list of needed repairs and estimated cost came to me from his able office manager and the work was quickly approved.

He had asked what turned out to be some insightful diagnostic questions to clarify what I meant in my descriptions. For example, my offhand remark that the sound from the tuner seemed to have a lot of bass led him to find some poor connections in the multiplex part of the tuner. 

Within about 10 days or so, his repairs were complete and I retrieved the components, looking as shiny as they did when new, and upon setting them up and playing an old Fisher Audio test vinyl, the resulting sound was astounding! There hadn't been such a clear, clean, and loud sound from the speakers in a very long time. I am so pleased.

My sincerest thanks to Randy for restoring such a wonderful sound to me.

Joe Martin
Portland, Oregon

Thanks for the quick and efficient service.

Kind regards,
Brian Prioleau
Jacksonville, FL

Awesome!  I finally got my CD31 back last night.  I played a cd by The Big Phat Band called "Swingin for the fences".  I was stunned by the sound!  It seems to be better than I remember,
although I just got that cd.  Just for the record, I have Spendor s8e speakers and a Cayin A88T amp.  Thanks for doing a great job!

God Bless You,

Steve Oakley
Midlothian , VA

Thanks for the update(s). Information is always a good thing and much appreciated.  It's nice to be able to keep our customers informed as to the status of their equipment. Makes a bad situation pleasant.

Dennis Canfield
AV Design, SC

Thanks a bunch for the fast service.
Happy Holidays,
Ted Smith

We are enjoying the benefits of your fine work!! Thanks again... Donna and Jim Dolge

Well, Nichole and I had a great trip down to Astoria, thanks again for pointing out the best route on the map. The coast was beautiful and we lucked out with the weather. I hope you two had a good memorial day weekend as well. I was anxious to get home and listen to the receiver so we drove back Sunday night. I plugged it in and now I have more radio stations than I know what to do with, I didn't even know this many existed! The amp sounds great too, no more hissing and dead silence even at max volume. Thanks again for a great job and I would be happy to recommend you to anyone who appreciates quality work.    


My experience with Audio Elite Technician has been outstanding and I recommend them to anyone who has coveted electronics in need of repair. The customer service, professionalism, and competence is without equal as I have dealt with many a high end shop over the years but have never enjoyed this level of support and service.

In my case, I had two shops look at the potential repair with the first one saying it could not be fixed and the second one saying it would cost me almost half of what I paid for the device with expectation of a longer term resolution.  I went to the manufacture (McIntosh) and they recommended I contact Audio Elite and described them as the best in the state.  It turns out that was no exaggeration and in fact, Audio Elite even helped me with that manufacturer when needed.
In short, I can't thank Randy and Mary Lou enough for their support and great service and recommend them highly to anyone who needs expert attention to the equipment you love.  
John Walthall Vice President Microsoft

Just thought I'd drop a note to let you know that I received the amp and I have checked it out.  It sounds great!  Thanks for your help in bringing my amp's performance back to what I remembered. Thanks again, John

Prior to my retirement in 2005, I worked for Magnolia Hi-Fi for 22 years, the last 12 as Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer. Magnolia Hi-Fi was frequently described within the consumer electronics industry as “the most award-winning audio/video dealer in the United States.” A major reason for the reputation we enjoyed and all the awards that we won was our in-house service department, which was widely recognized as among the most advanced in the industry. And one of the most advanced technicians within that department, for many years, was Randy Vikan.

Randy was an audio technician entrusted with working on the most sophisticated products Magnolia sold, made by prestigious companies like McIntosh and Krell and Primare. He is an exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable technician whose quality of work set the standard within our service department. During my years at Magnolia, whenever any of my personal audio gear needed service, I always asked Randy to handle the repair. He never failed me once.

Not only is Randy very sophisticated technically, he is a truly caring person with integrity, and a good communicator. I recommend him without reservation.


Thomas Conrad
former Vice President/COO, Magnolia Hi-Fi
current Contributing Editor, Stereophile